Tuesday, September 14, 2010

"Deceiving" or "enlightened approach"

Not long ago, the United States have made a home for 2 more than 1000 computer crime survey of SMEs in the network, 88% of companies surveyed in 2005 had at least one safety incident occurred, but nearly half of the company up to four security breaches have occurred accident! Correspondingly, is a separate survey showed that more than 90% of IT managers think that business has been conducted on the company's effective security protection, and only less than 4% of the people a correct understanding of the enterprise information system is difficult to be 100% perfect security.

In fact, most enterprises, especially SMEs, IT director of information security appears blind optimism is not accidental. They tend to believe that their business structure is as complex as many large enterprises, and has been equipped with the mainstream market, anti-virus software and firewall equipment, so should be able to sit back and relax.

However, these enterprises, especially SMEs located in the business environment and the need to face the main enemy - the hacker, and five years ago have made a big difference ... ...

The lifeblood of exposure

First, from the environmental point of view, the network spread and spread, making it the most important drivers for SME development, Er the competitiveness of SMEs edge, largely embodied in its markets and customers a high degree of rapid response, therefore, more dependent upon information networks.

More and more SMEs into their business systems on the network, the network security threats for the information also will increase:

1. Unlike earlier centralized applications, computer systems are mostly small and medium enterprises is based on client / server model and Internet / Intranet network computing model for distributed applications, in such an environment, the company's database servers, file servers, application servers are connected to the network's "door", as long as there is a "gate" did not fully protect, "hackers" will enter the system through the door, theft or destruction of all resources.

2. Intranet improving, with hierarchical network structure, a leading Internet company's transmission link, due to the growing third-party connections, on-site office of the temporary staff needed to connect to the corporate network, and the company's own employees are increasingly mobile stronger, resulting in threats to the Internet can bypass border controls, and then from within a relatively rapid rate of spread. According to ICSA, currently within the system from the enterprise security threat by up to 60%. Therefore, in addition to the original need to protect the growing number of infrastructure, the companies now need to protect the internal network and systems.

3. As the need to maintain a competitive edge, so each company must be applied more rapidly emerging technologies (eg, WLAN, VoIP, and Web services) and all existing technologies and platforms, the new version. Together with a number of important applications built on the internal network, such as property marketing system, customer management systems, office systems. All enterprises not only to manage and protect more computing infrastructure and applications, but most of them are emerging complex structure and procedures, highly fragmented. Results are due to configuration errors and negligence leading to the increasing vulnerability of code.

4. SMEs are usually high growth companies, with the continuous development and growth of enterprises, number of terminals within the enterprise increasingly expanding and changing, increasing the security management more difficult.

Hackers armed

And the increasingly complex and difficult to manage than the information environment, SMEs face a more direct challenge comes from the hacker. In recent years more and more motivation for committing the crime hackers strongly driven by economic interests, and most of the development of SMEs which customer records, financial data, technical characteristics of high commercial value, but the protective measures are often relatively single, so be the best target for hackers.

The past, people might think that hackers will not be developed for SMEs specific means of attack, because it looks more harm than good, in fact, according to Symantec survey found that the development of new malicious software, making the difficulty of getting lower and lower, increasingly sophisticated hacking toolkit growing and can be downloaded anywhere on the Internet, threatening the production of software and modular construction techniques led to the development threat to the behavior of common variants.

At the same time, these security threats are increasingly shorter generation time. From the discovery of new vulnerabilities to launch attacks against the vulnerability of a particular time between the inevitably shortened. In fact, according to recent statistics, leaving enterprises "patch" of the "window of time" on average only six days. Therefore, even if some businesses related to staff time to time on the vulnerabilities the updates, the network is still difficult to guarantee their safety, but at present most SMEs rely on antivirus software and firewall during the update of time, are facing similar problems.

Finally, the hackers use through the use of a variety of mechanisms, and effective method of load or spread of the hybrid means are more likely to avoid the invasion of defense enterprises, and successfully achieve its purpose. Another reason for the worsening situation led to a hacker attack system and the current main weaknesses in the application layer, not the network layer of vulnerability. In this way, they often focus on network layer attack protection strategy activities slip through the net, unfortunately, as mentioned at the outset, most SMEs are only by virtue of such security measures to protect themselves, and that has been foolproof.

Comprehensive intrusion prevention

Bring these issues to face the confusion and challenges for SMEs, Symantec believes that the key point is that the majority of SMEs by focusing on the border is highly reactive defensive measures, it can not maintain the current trend of ever-changing threats synchronization. The new security threats now emerging, and spread with unprecedented speed, will inevitably lead to the current chaos.

In other words, SMEs should be aware of multi-level security measures onion theory, adopt the intrusion detection, intrusion prevention represented mixed preventive measures possible to ensure network security. This is because normally the firewall access control policy is to implement a system of checks flowing through the network traffic, block non-compliant packets. Traditional firewalls to reject those obvious suspicious network traffic, but still allow certain traffic through, so do anything for many intrusion. An invasion of protection technology through the monitoring network or system resources, look for violations of security policies, action or intrusion signs, activities and attacks on the invasion of intercept network traffic and avoid the resulting loss, this way, the problem packets, and all follow-up from the same data stream of data packets, in the IPS device can be removed.

Symantec network security solutions for SMEs, the integration of and highlights the intrusion detection and intrusion prevention system role, such as the Symantec Network Security 7100 (hereinafter referred to as SNS) line of security appliances, regardless of the environment in which the network topology run, by clicking the mouse in the intrusion detection and intrusion prevention switch between modes, this flexibility in the protection of security, network applications as possible to ensure patency.

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